Welcome to the Lincoln County, Arkansas Digital Museum! Inside, see the history of Lincoln County through photographs, maps, and other documents that tell a brief overview of life from 1871 to the present day. Please enjoy this brief history of Lincoln County, Arkansas.

River Baptism at Cummins Unit

River Baptism at Cummins Unit.jpe

Cummins Unit prisoners are baptized in the Arkansas River. Reverend was an inmate himself.

Crow House

Crow House.jpg

The Crow House located southeast of Star City. The Crow House is an example of a dog-trot style house. The house was listed on the National Register…

Gocio's Store

Grady Gocio's Store.jpg

Gocio's Store in Grady, Arkansas from the 1940s. This store was like many other small town stores across Lincoln County and the rest of Arkansas.